Clinical Supervisors in San Antonio

Supervision, noun – A process of providing supervisees with guidance, direction, and support to enhance competency, professional identity, and refine their knowledge and skills to ensure that they deliver competent, ethical, and quality services.

Our supervisors have a wide variety of experience and backgrounds (CPS, APS, Criminal Justice, Geriatrics, Adult Psych and more), offering an extensive range of experience to choose from.

We recognize that great clinicians come from great supervisors. Join us for a great experience!

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Our Clinical Supervisors

Who Where When How Rate
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SA Med Center Mon 6-8p In-Person $55 /Hr
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SA Med Center By Appt. Virtual $50 /Hr

* HOW = Both: In-Person & Zoom | ** RATE Indiv.$65 – Grp $50Hr

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Russell Gainer, LCSW-S

I believe Clinical Supervision to be a dynamic process by which the creative influences of your experience and the synergy of the Group drives skill development and hones expertise. I focus on building the clinicians ability to help the “stuck” client move forward to achieve their goals and help them put their life together in a more fulfilling way. What do you do after the client emotionally comes unglued – how do you help them put the pieces back together so they can still function? How do you identify what the “next right thing” is in Therapy? I use group discussions, case studies, book and movie evaluations for examples, review of Title 22 of our Rules, special Topic Assignments, explore documentation issues, talk about billing, marketing and professional presence, plus hold special sessions with outside presenters and singular topics to help deliver an energetic Supervision experience.

Denise Welmaker, LCSW-S

Denise, LCSW-S has provided counseling services in the community since 1998. She has worked in hospitals, hospice and home health, as well as a geriatric mental health facility. Her experience in the field of geriatric mental health has been her primary focus during this time and has led her to partnering with Russell Gainer in creating GainWel. Denise enjoys working with other professionals and families to improve the quality of life in the senior population.

Denise is a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association, facilitating a Caregiver Support group. She is also a member of the Dementia Friendly Advisory Counsel working to help educate the community about interacting with People suffering from Dementia. She also is enthusiastic about providing Supervision to LMSWs working towards their LCSW licensure.